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Tag Travels

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We are now day 5 post-op and Tag is doing great!  We happened to be camped at a location that was expected to get 97 degree weather, and we were only using solar, so no AC.   We drove about 2 hours north to escape the heat and ended up in a crowded RV park so that we could use our AC for a week and keep Tag comfy.

I was worried about taking him on a car ride, but he did amazing.  I held him on my lap, in his carrier with the top open so he could see the sights.  This guy loves traveling!  He purred, looked out the window and ended up taking a nap.  I swear he had a smile on his face!

Tag’s incision looks great and I’ve been able to keep him quarantined in a larger dog kennel to restrict his movements. When I open the door in the morning, he bolts out like he never had surgery!  I have to keep a tight hold on this guy as he is just ready to get on with his life.  He doesn’t appear to be in much pain and I’ve made sure to keep him on his pain med schedule.  I extended the doses by a few hours and he really seems ok with it.  He’s napping now, so the meds must have worked!

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2 thoughts on “Tag Travels”

  1. GREAT job! You’re keeping ahead of the pain, and making sure Tag has everything he needs for a smooth recovery. He’s a natural traveler so all that fresh (and cooler air) is clearly good medicine for him.

    Sounds like we might have crossed paths? We just left Southern California, stayed outside of Phoenix last night and are now headed to Santa Fe. It’s been so warm that we took advantage of FHUs at a crowded RV park too (and we don’t even have any critters right now to blame it on!). I love the heat but not when I’m trying to sleep at night!

    Can’t wait to see some pics of your sweetie!

  2. I’m almost sure we must have crossed paths! We were in the Yuma area for winter and then stayed at Saddle Mountain BLM near Phoenix until it was too hot and we had to move North. Tag is really enjoying the A/C, so I’m glad we decided to stay in a park for a bit, even on a busy holiday weekend.

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