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Day 14

Peaceful stretches

We are post-op day 14 and Tag seems almost like the little guy I once knew!  I’m still keeping a close eye on him so that he doesn’t do things he shouldn’t and I can tell he is ready to be fully healed.  He keeps trying to outrun me!  He’s always been a runner, even before the amputation and he’s surprisingly fast for a three-legged cat!

He doesn’t appear to be in any pain that I can tell.  I read a post about the ear and grimace for determining pain in cats, and he has zero signs of pain today.  I know cats are great at hiding it, but this guy seems to be back to doing what he wants, at least when I let him.  I still keep him separated from  Comet at night and when we aren’t home.  Comet has always been a little rough with him and she is dying to get near him.  So far there haven’t been any scuffles, but I know it’s coming at some point.

2 thoughts on “Day 14”

  1. WHEW! Tag is on the mend. Look out Comet, he’s got Tripawd Power now! 😉

    Glad things are going so well and he’s not showing pain signals. I love that you found the Feline Grimace Scale post. It’s so handy isn’t it? And reassuring in Tag’s case.

    Hey got any pics to share for this (and future) updates? I love sharing blog posts from the community on our social media channels, and you know how everyone wants to see photos these days so I tend not to share posts unless there’s at least 1 photo included.

  2. I added a pic of Tag stretching. We haven’t had good wifi or cell service lately, so I’m hoping this posts. This is a pic from a few days ago, the first time he stretched like this. He has always been fond of laying this way and he always looks super comfy!

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